Save The Date: October 24-25, 2018
10 on the Park, New York City

2015 Pipeline Café

2015 Pipeline Café Participants

The Pipeline Café features academic innovators who are hand selected to present their discoveries, which are available for partnering, in two poster sessions. The academic innovators will be available for discussions at their posters as well as one-on-one partnering meetings.

Sumayah Jamal, MD-PhD, Chief Scientific officer and Co-Founder, ENB Therapeutics, LLC
Development of ENB001 for the treatment of brain melanoma

Katarzyna M. Sawicka, PhD, President and Founder of ImmunoMatrix, LLC
ImmunoMatrix, the dermal delivery revolution

Natasha M. Nesbitt, PhD, Research Scientist, Stony Brook University
Novel Target and Drug Development Program for Enhancing Platelet Production

Charles Jones, PhD, and Blaine Pfeifer, PhD, Co-Founders, Abcombi Biosciences Inc
The Development of a Next-Generational Pneumococcal Vaccine

Hsiou-Chi Liou, Co-founder; Samedy Ouk, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, ImmuneTarget
Developing first-in-class “direct” NF-kB inhibitors for cancer and autoimmune diseases

Daniel A. Heller, PhD, Assistant Member, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
A Nanotherapeutic to Target Disseminated Tumors

Maurizio Del Poeta, MD, Professor, Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, Stony Brook University
A New Class of Antifungals for Treating Invasive Fungal Infections

Erick Berglund, PhD, Advisor & Former Chief Executive Officer, Immunovent
The First and Only Quantitative Test to Identify Allergies at the Site of the Symptom

Fon Powell, Founder, S.A.L.T
Improving self-management of hypertension using a smartphone-based device to measure salt intake

Leslie I Gold, PhD, Associate Professor, Departments of Medicine and Pathology, Division of Translational Medicine, New York University School of Medicine
Calreticulin: a novel biotherapeutic that heals chronic cutaneous wounds by diverse biological effects

Mark J. Carvlin, PhD, President, Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder, PreventAGE Health Care, LLC
Fundamentally Improving Diabetes Care and Outcomes – Precision Bioanalytical Techniques

Sujata Acharjee, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder, Serendipity Biotech
Serendipity’s strategy to address the genetic defect underlying muscular dystrophy is protein replacement therapy

Weng-Lang Yang, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), TheraSource LLC
rhMFG-E8 is on the way to being a solution for treating acute kidney injury (AKI)